What is Shower Stubby Buddy anyway?

If you haven’t guessed it already, the Shower Stubby Buddy is the newest and best way to enjoy your shower beer. Meticulous planning and research has gone into the development of this ingenious creation.

The Shower Stubby Buddy is here today because:

  • We, like many other procrastinators, were often late preparing for a night-out.  This resulted in a need for multitasking to ensure adequate pre-gaming and tending of hygiene took place before said outing.
  • And awkwardly bending down in the shower to grab a rapidly warming beer had grown tiresome.

Real estate is at a premium in the average shower cubicle, so we thought this clever contraption would save you having to relegate the shampoo out of the shower caddy and into the shower tray where the floating nasties loiter. With Velcro and the right polypropylene pad, the Shower Stubby Buddy is able to change an otherwise unusable space into a fruitful area of precious squared centimeters.

Where will you put yours?
Get creative – think boats, on an outside shower, on the side of your hot tub, in your bath, really just about any smooth, non-porous surface you can think of! Then don’t forget to post a photo of you and your buddy and tag us on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see your Shower Stubby Buddy in action.

Drink. Wash. Enjoy.